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asher_canaan's Journal

External Services:
  • asher_canaan@livejournal.com
Out of Character Information
Name Called by in RP: Matthias
AIM: AnimeVivi
Normal Livejournal: animevivi
Other Characters Played by Me: mwsinventor
RP Main Comm: wiralletreiben
In Character Information
Name: Canaan

Age: Looks 27 Years Old

Special Abilities: Canaan is a realian known as an Enhanced Memory Model and a Special Forces Realian. This allows him to store segments of data safely in his memory banks, like Jin did with the data from 14 Years Ago. Other than that, his emotions are supressed to an extent, allowing him to often avoid control by enemies. He has the ability to pilot an ES (Jr.'s ES Asher) and can keep cool in any situation. He also knows how to wield a dagger.

Personality: Canaan's personality isn't cold, despite the fact that his emotions have been supressed. It is, in a sense, warm as possible which gives you the feeling that he tries to resist the emotional supression. He can keep his cool in any situation and analyze the scene to get a good solution, no matter how lost the cause seems to be.

History: Canaan is a realian specially configured by Vector itself. When the Miltian Conflict occured, realians were losing their minds left and right. The CEO of Vector himself stamped that Canaan would not be affected like the other realians on Old Miltia. However, when Canaan started straining, it was rather obvious that Wilhelm did not mean it the same way Helmer did or Wilhelm was incorrect. He worked with chaos in the ES Asher to save the URTV units located in Labyrinthos. Jin helped to guide them on the way and deposited data on U-tic's secrets into Canaan's databases.

In present Episode II time, Canaan had also rescued Ziggy, chaos, Jr, and MOMO from the U-tic on the streets of 2nd Miltia. From there, Nostalgia between chaos and Canaan hit. Later on, Canaan tags along with the group to go to Old Miltia. There at Labyrinthos, Jin decodes the data that he had entrusted to Canaan 14 Years ago. From there, Canaan stays with the group to support them from the Elsa.

Ties to other characters:

Old Mission Partner

Past Partner/Friend

Pied Piper

(Overview in Text)Canaan and chaos were old partners that worked to save the three URTV variants 14 Years Ago. Jin also helped out. He also seems to have some role in Pied Piper (which I will eventually read up on) and thus relates to Ziggy and the rest of the Pied Piper cast. Representative Helmer is Canaan's "master" in a way.